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If you’re looking for top-quality cymbals at competitive prices you’ve come to the right place! Dream Cymbals have been around for a while now. After trying the Vintage Bliss and Dark Matter series, we decided to bring this brand into our store here at DCP.

DCP offers a wide variety of series when it comes down to Dream Cymbals. Currently in stock, we have Bliss, Vintage, Dark Matter, Contact, and Energy options readily available for purchase. Not exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us, so we can help you find the perfect option for your style and needs.

We understand that price plays an important factor in anyone’s buying decisions. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of Dream Cymbals that range in price to fit all budgets. You’ll notice that most of our items are on sale, and this is because we like to offer the best prices in the area. Crash rides, hi-hats, splashes – whatever you need, we have!

Without a doubt, a dream cymbal can help take your drumming career to the next level. Browse through our list of reputable series to choose one that fits your needs. Every drummer has personal preferences. That’s why we carry so many different types and sizes. There is always something for everyone at our store!

We are always ready to lend a helping hand when it comes to selecting the right cymbal for your drum set. Our team of specialists are very knowledgeable and will answer any question you may have. If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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95 Products

per page
Hardware Series
  1. Parts and Hardware 1item
Cymbal Series
  1. Bliss 19items
  2. China 1item
  3. Contact 16items
  4. Dark Matter 10items
  5. Eclipse 8items
  6. Effect Cymbals 7items
  7. Energy 9items
  8. Feng 5items
  9. Ignition 1item
  10. Pang 4items
  11. Vintage Bliss 5items
Cymbal Type
  1. Box Sets 1item
  2. Chinese 5items
  3. Concert 6items
  4. Crash Rides 11items
  5. Crashes 18items
  6. Effects 5items
  7. Gongs 13items
  8. Hi Hats 12items
  9. Rides 19items
  10. Splashes 3items
Hardware Type
  1. Gong Stands 1item
Cymbal Size
  1. 10 2items
  2. 12 3items
  3. 13 2items
  4. 14 9items
  5. 15 4items
  6. 16 9items
  7. 17 5items
  8. 18 9items
  9. 19 7items
  10. 20 13items
  11. 21 3items
  12. 22 12items
  13. 23 2items
  14. 24 4items
  15. 28 2items
  16. 32 1item
  17. 36 1item
  18. 40 1item
  19. Set 3items
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95 Products

per page

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