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Cymbals at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Buying Cymbals is a personal experience. Every drummer is different, and every drummer hits their cymbals in different ways, bringing out different sounds of the instrument. Cymbals are all made just a bit differently. Companies like Zildjian, Sabian, Ufip, or Agop use their own foundries to cast the alloy that the cymbals are made from, and the similarities end there. How each cymbal is treated from there is proprietary to that manufacturer. Companies like Paiste use exacting techniques to create their vision of cymbals, which is hammering the raw material into shape. And then you have Meinl cymbals, who have a foundry in Turkey and then they finish their Byzance cymbals in their factory in Guttenstetten, Germany. Shane has visited the Zildjian and Sabian factories on several occasions, the Paiste factory in Notwill, Switzerland twice, and the Meinl Cymbal factory once. He has passed on what he has learned to the staff here at Drum Center of Portsmouth and you will find that when you talk to someone here, you’ll be getting expert advice on cymbals. Be sure to have a look at our drummer optimized proprietary box sets that bring extra value to a drummer looking to buy a complete cymbal set, or browse our cymbals that we weigh and shoot video of, allowing you to get as personal with your cymbal purchase as possible. You can watch the video and hear the cymbal and decide if that’s the sound for you. If this isn’t easy enough for you, give us a call or come in and we can help dial in your sound. Our goal is to get you the most value at the most savings to you.

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