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Portable drum sets are very popular these days. We're the store in New Hampshire that specializes in smaller drum sets, and we are seeing a lot of drummers wanting to be able to fit their set in the front of their car so they can fit on the stage of a small coffee house. Volume isn't as important, it's the footprint. We've put together a selection of sets that fit in this category. A trend of late has been price driven. There's a myriad of sets, like the Pearl Midtown, or Ludwig Breakbeat or Tama Club Jam which sell around the $400 mark. These have proven to be a lot of fun for drummers, but we're beginning to see that some players want a higher quality set, and they're willing to raise their budget to get a better experience. The Yamaha Stage Custom Birch is just a bit more in price, without a snare drum, and this has been a logical step for many. Going higher, the DW Mini Pro, the new Low-Pro sets have appealed to the higher end buyers, and of course custom ordering a Ludwig, or Gretsch Bop set isn't out of the question either. There are many things to consider when getting a set like this: will you need a snare drum? Or hardware? The Lightweight Hardware has been incredibly popular of late. We're here to help you with your order. We're a call away, 603-319-8109.