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Canopus Neo Vintage M4 Snare Drum 14x6.5 Lacquer

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Tom Says

“Admittedly, we were all skeptical of this drum at first ... then we heard it. It absolutely captures the fat, dark '70s snare sound that we all know and love!“

Product Description

Your eyes don't deceive you, and neither will your ears once you hear this unique 6.5x14 Canopus Neo Vintage M4 Snare Drum in "Superior Maple" Lacquer finish. OK - stay with us here... Canopus designed this snare based upon the technology and specifications of some outstanding drum designs from the 1970s. Yep, that's 12 tension rods on top and 6 on the bottom. Seems odd, until you play it! A 5 ply maple / thick poplar shell construction, and Canopus' precision bearing edge shaping produce a mellow and dry vintage sound with sharp, precise attack and a comfortable, loose reverberation. This is a truly unique instrument with a conspicuous sound that will turn heads on stage and in the studio alike!

Additional Information

SKU NV70M4S-1465-L
UPC Does not apply
Series Neo Vintage M4
Snare Size 14x6.5
Snare Shell Maple/Poplar
Brand Canopus