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Snare Shell
  1. Aluminum 1item
  2. Birch 2items
  3. Brass 2items
  4. Cherry 2items
  5. Copper 1item
  6. Maple 6items
  7. Maple/Mahogany 1item
  8. Maple/Maple/Walnut 1item
  9. Maple/Walnut 3items
  10. Poplar 1item
  11. Stainless Steel 1item
  12. Steel 4items
Drum Set Format
  1. Complete With Cymbals and Hardware 15items
  2. Shell Pack 122items
  3. Drums and Stands 1item
  4. Mounted Toms 69items
  5. Floor Toms 36items
  6. Bass Drums 15items
Drum Head Size
  1. 18 1item
  2. 22 1item
Drum Head Finish
  1. Coated 1item
  2. White 1item
Bass Drum Size
  1. 18x14 8items
  2. 18X16 3items
  3. 20X16 1item
  4. 20x16 30items
  5. 22x16 37items
  6. 22x18 58items
  7. 24x14 14items
  8. 24x16 2items
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361 Products

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What are the best congas? 

The best congas are the ones that suit your play level and your budget. There are quality options available for all player levels and to suit a range of pockets.

It’s easy to think that the best drums are likely the most expensive, but this does not always follow.

Congas with a high price tag are often made for more advanced players and reflect a high usage, a professional lifestyle that includes frequent transportation. If you are a beginner or novice, you won’t need that type of specification.

The mahogany Gon Bops are some of the best congas money can buy. All handmade, these drums are crafted with care and precision you won’t find in a factory. Experience a clear, crisp sound with all Gon Bops.

What’s the difference between congas and bongos?

Congas are tall drums and much bigger than bongos. They are usually around 3’-4’ in height. 

Conga drums have one head in a barrel shape and are made of fiberglass or wood. The drum heads are either synthetic or animal hide.

A conga drum is cylindrical and should stand up on its own, whereas bongo drums are smaller and meant to be held between the knees.

A third type of drum, which is similar, is called a djembe. This is another tall drum that is very wide and commonly has an hourglass or goblet shape. Congas, bongos, and djembes all have distinct and individual features.

What are small congas called?

Small congas are called Requinto or Super Quinto and will have a drumhead size of just under 10”.  The different-sized drums have different names to help identify them. 

Unlike bongos and djembes, conga drums can come in many different sizes. When manufacturers and retailers refer to drum size, they will typically describe the size of the drumhead rather than the overall height of the drum. 

It would not be uncommon to hear a conga drum described as 9”, which refers to the diameter of the drumhead, even though the drum may be 2’ tall.

For advice and guidance to find the best conga drums for your level, visit the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

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