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Longo Drums

When Neil Longo began bending his solid shell snare drums in the 1990s, he started a company that would develop a reputation as one of the world’s finest drum brands. Solid shell snares from Longo are some of the most popular and desired drums in the market. Their beautiful sound and excellent craftsmanship make them truly one-of-a-kind.

Longo drums come with many customizable features like their 14 stain options and 70 wrap choices. Made from 15 different wood species, their drums are as attractive as they are durable. This high-end brand all offers an assortment of high-quality lugs, heads, hoops, and snare wires.

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we proudly carry an array of Longo snares. Browse our selection and sort by different sizes, finishes and wood types. We carry both new products that are fairly priced and pre-loved products that are in pristine condition.

You’re welcome to learn more about the dynamic history and usage of these drums by watching our detailed video demonstrations. If you have any questions about their products, check out the comprehensive description pages or contact our team of experts. Browse our constantly updated collection of Longo solid shell snare drums and find one that suits you today.

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