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Joyful Noise Drums

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we've worked to become one of the best stores to browse for any drum supplies you would ever need. We have a selection of big name brand materials. One of our most popular lines is the Joyful Noise drum series. Joyful Noise Drums provide exceptional sound, but the brand wins our vote for other reasons, too. The company is philanthropic and donates a portion of their proceeds to children organizations and charities.

As a company that prides themselves in being located in the heartland of America, we have truly embraced the "Made in the USA" mantra. Joyful Noise Drums are produced in Colorado. The company employs master craftsmen to develop the best quality sound you can purchase. Most of their drums are limited in production, so you can rest assure the sound you buy is rare and powerful.

Our selection is easy to browse, and the navigation bars can help you in our search. You can also filter your searches to narrow down the exact type of drum you are seeking. If you have any questions, please reach out and our dedicated staff can help you find your perfect fit.


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