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George H. Way Drums

The George Way Drum Company has produced impeccable percussion instruments for over 50 years. They are an American company rooted in tradition. With modern technology and hardware now available, they continue to build their drums to the highest performance standards George Way himself set in 1954.

Most musicians come to appreciate the unique sound of mid-century drums. Their distinct thud is sought by many of the top manufacturers in the industry. None achieve it with as much authenticity as the George Way Drum Company.

Each of their drum series is produced in limited batch releases with incredible attention to detail. Despite their craftsmanship, they boast a modest price tag that rivals other drums of their quality. Each of their lines brings its own special features to the stage or studio.

Their Tuxedo, Aristocrat, and Studio series each offer kits in a variety of woods. Their metal kits include choices of aluminum, copper, bronze, or brass shells. All of their drums use reinforced shells and pieces crafted with the highest quality to produce a timeless look and sound.

Drum Center of Portsmouth values looking to history to offer instruments of the highest quality today. Consider George H. Way Drums to add a neo-vintage instrument with impeccable sound to your arsenal.