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ATV aDrums artist Expanded Set aD5

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Product Description

The aDrums are a real shift in the electronic drum world. My stock answer has been the same for a long time: The e-drum world belongs to Roland and Yamaha. ATV is not hiding the fact that their company was founded by Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi, the founder of Roland and the inventor of the modern drum machine as we know it. These drums are designed by people who have worked for Roland, so there are some similarities to them. The biggest difference you'll notice is the cymbals. These are the most organic feeling cymbals on the market.

  The 18" kick drum, 13" snare drum, 14" hi-hat, and 18" ride cymbal provide attractive visuals, and also preserve the same striking feel and distance as acoustic drums, yet are the perfect size that's not too large for home or studio. By providing plenty of depth for the kick drum and the floor tom, we let you experience the solid and massive lows of the aD5 both visually and by feel.

Dynamics that are comparable to acoustic drums

Previous electronic drums had hotspots that caused abnormally loud sound to be produced when the center of the head was struck, meaning that the sound module had to narrow the width of the dynamics to make these hotspots less obtrusive.
The aDrums uses multiple sensors for the drums and cymbals, thereby providing a consistent sensitivity for the striking surface, and making it possible for you to express the full range that you intend, from pianissimo to fortissimo. The player's personality is fully expressed by grooves that are born from freely controlling a wide range of dynamics as on acoustic drums. (PATENT PENDING)

Side stick whenever you like

We made it easier to play side stick. The side rim features a beautiful contrast between the natural wood and the lacquer paint, and uses the maple material that's ideal for our newly developed frequency-specific detection technology. The strike feel of wood and the side stick sound are perfectly matched to ensure great playability. Rim shot and side stick can be played separately without having to use a side stick button to switch between them as on previous systems, giving you much more freedom in your performance. (PATENT PENDING)

Detect detailed pedalwork

Within a drum performance, the hi-hat is being controlled with the greatest detail. Most previous electronic hi-hats used contact-type sensors, which had limited detection precision and tracking ability. The hi-hat of the aDrums uses a non-contact sensor that allows high-precision sensing with no delay even when the pedal is opened and closed rapidly.
The hi-hat control algorithm of the aD5 has been optimized for this new sensor, delivering even greater expressive power and accuracy. (PATENT PENDING)

More freedom for the cymbals

A newly designed pivot allows natural sway in all directions. Cymbals that can be played around their entire circumference do not require troublesome components such as a rotation stopper; simply place it on the cymbal stand just like an acoustic cymbal.
We have also paid careful attention to the way in which the entire cymbal bends when the edge is struck, as well as to the thickness of the edge; this lets us approach the playing feel of a bronze cymbal in spite of using a silicone rubber surface for its excellent properties of silence. (PATENT PENDING)

Design that you'll love like an instrument

At every point, the aDrums artist uses excellent materials that raise the standard of instrumental perfection. All drums feature a real birch wood shell and solid black lacquer finish. Cymbals and hi-hat use a simple and ageless design that eliminates extraneous frills. Sturdy chrome-plated tripod stands make a strong statement about the way drums should be.

What's Included:

  • Total Number of Pads: 5 x drum pads, 4 x cymbal pads
  • Included Snare/Tom Pads: 1 x 13" Snare, 2 x 10" Tom, 1 x 13" Floor Tom
  • Included Kick Pads: 18" Kick Drum
  • Included Cymbal Pads: 1 x 14" Dual-zone Hi-hat, 2 x 16" Dual-zone Crash, 1 x 18" Triple-zone Ride
  • Shells Included: 3 x Toms, 1 x Snare, 1 x Bass Drum
  • Number of Drum Kits: 5 kits (expandable via ATV Sound store)
  • Module Trigger Inputs: 1 x DB-25, 2 x 1/4" (aux inputs)
  • Module Analog Inputs: 1 x 1/8" (audio in)
  • Module Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (main out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
  • Module MIDI I/O: USB
  • USB: 1 x Type B
  • Storage: SD/SDHC card slot (up to 32GB)
  • Included Hardware: 2 x Cymbal Stand, Tom/Cymbal Stand, Snare Stand
  • Power Source: 12V DC power supply
  • (Hi-Hat Stand, Kick Pedal, Drums Throne not included)

  • Superior drum and cymbal samples
  • USB port supports MIDI and computer connectivity
  • Expressive and dynamic playability
  • Studio-quality stereo outputs
  • SD card reader - load new kits and drum sounds
  • Mini aux input for audio / MP3 playback

Additional Information

UPC 190210000263
Series Artist
Brand ATV
Restrict alert Restrict alert WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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